Ocean Market…Chef Shane McIntosh

Ocean Market…Chef Shane McIntosh

The Chef In Pearls | Wednesday, April 04 th, 2018 | In

It was a cold and windy day in Atlanta. Somehow I managed to forget my coat and ended up in just a shawl. Go figure. Rochelle goes ahead to meet up with our host while I paid the on street parking fees. As I hurry to make it inside, I have a quiet moment to take in the approach to today’s spot. It’s hard to miss Ocean Market. It has huge red doors to greet you. As you walk in, the atmosphere is warm and inviting and not just from the heat. It became very apparent where that warmth generates from once I got to meet Chef Shane McIntosh. He was so joyful! I am a firm believer that happy people make happy food.

We sat with him to conduct an informal interview to find out more about the chef and the establishment. Chef Shane got his start in the kitchen washing dishes like so many chefs before him. He was fortunate to have a mentor who took him under her wing. She encouraged him and gave him a job in the back of house. When she saw he needed more, she turned him over to a French chef where he gained his French training. After leaving restaurant life, Chef Shane started Ocean Catering, where he was able to capture Delta Airlines as a client. The contract allowed him the opportunity to take his family to Paris. There he fell in love with the Parisian lifestyle as it pertains to food, and wanted to bring it back to Atlanta. Hence, the birth of Ocean Market.

It wasn’t an easy birth for Ocean Market. Chef Shane had to fight with the city, drug dealers and the growing homeless population occupying the shelter around the corner from his store front. It seemed no matter what he did, it was a constant battle until finally he had to close the doors. At that time, he was losing customers which meant he was losing money. Once the shelter was closed, it brought about a big change in the area that held his store front. He took this as opportunity to re-open Ocean Market. On March 9, 2018, the doors to Ocean Market was once again open for business. He shared with us plans he has for the space include opening up for lunch meetings, visual artist showings and possibly serving wine in the near future.

Now I couldn’t very well write about Chef Shane and Ocean Market without telling you about his food. He was gracious enough to provide us lunch. Let’s just say that I will be back. I had the Smoked Turkey Club sandwich: in-house smoked turkey, thick cut country ham, applewood bacon, roasted red pepper aioli and a side of hand cut chips. This is no deli meat sandwich! It’s all fresh everything, including the chips. Visit them for your next lunch break. Can’t make it to them? They are gearing up to offer lunch delivery right to your office soon. They have options so visit their Facebook page to keep up-to date on all things Ocean Market.


God willing I will have figured out how to upload the audio for this interview. Then you can listen to all he shared with us. Until then I want you to make your way over to Ocean Market so you can make some new memories. I know I have many I made while there.

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~The Chef In Pearls

P.S. Thank God for my techie kids. If you want to hear our interview with Chef Shane listen below:


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