What’s in a Name?….The Real Milk and Honey ATL

What’s in a Name?….The Real Milk and Honey ATL

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What’s in a name? A lot more than most people dare to acknowledge. Let’s take our own names into consideration. Our parents, most I hope, gave some serious thought to what they would name us. They looked at meanings, considered our elders, thought about what image they wanted to convey when our name was heard.  This because your name is tied to you and all that you do. When your name becomes sullied it is so hard to recover from it. That brings us to The Real Milk and Honey Atl. It probably sounds like another restaurant in the Atlanta area. Sort of like the Chef behind The Real Milk and Honey Atl , Chef Sammy Davis, Jr.  Doesn’t his name ring a bell? A couple of years back he brought an all day brunch spot by the name of Milk and Honey to Atlanta. Since then he franchised it out with the hope that it would continue all the things that made it popular under his helm. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

So now we fast forward to The Real Milk and Honey Atl. Chef Davis felt he owed it to Atlanta to give them back the all day brunch place he originally created. And I had the pleasure of being at the V.I.P. tasting for the restaurant. Chef Sammy created a new French Toast for us to sample before the rest of Atlanta got their chance. It is a Peach Crown Royal-infused French Toast with a Peach Cobbler topping (also with Peach Crown Royal as an ingredient) served with a Peach Crown Royal Glazed Chicken Wing. This dish was my introduction to Peach Crown Royal and what an introduction it was. Now when you go visit The Real Milk and Honey Atl, and I know you will, please make sure you order the Brunch Punch.  It is Life! If I didn’t have a long drive back home I would’ve asked for another, it’s that good. (Please drink responsibly!!!) And if the french toast and the drink weren’t enough, we got to taste dessert! Yes Chef Sammy’s right hand man Chef Daniel Day made the cutest Apple Rose Tarts with Strawberry Jam…oh so delicious!

I had a great time at the tasting. Got to meet and chat a bit with Chef Sammy and the lovely Monique (his fiancee & business partner). Met some other cool people too. Most important thing was I made new memories. You know how I feel about that! When you are looking for a new place for brunch, venture to Main Street in College Park to The Real Milk and Honey Atl. Let me know what you think of the spot. Better yet, let me know what you think of the Brunch Punch! So go forward and make some new brunch memories.

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~ The Chef In Pearls

P.S. They have announced their grand opening. It takes place July 6th & 7th and you get tickets through Eventbrite. Visit them on Instagram @therealmilkandhoney to get your tickets.


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