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    12 Sep
    12 Sep
  • I have spent the last few days super excited about where The Chef In Pearls is heading. I have actually been walking around here or dare I say floating on cloud 9. I am always happiest when I can see that my passions are accepted and needed by others. The birth of Exclusive Party Of One was not easy ( financially, physically and even emotionally) but it’s here and being well received. In moving forward with this series I bring you a dish made for one, Penne Pasta in a Herb Goat Cheese sauce. I was able to do a live broadcast of me cooking this dish on Periscope. If you weren’t able to catch it I am sharing it here today with the recipe. Please keep in mind that recipes are really suggestions, not just mine but all. If there is something you don’t care for (I HATE cilantro) leave it out or substitute something else in its place (I usually use flat leaf parsley in cilantro’s place) . Get creative with it. This was a meatless dish but you could add chicken or even shrimp or whatever you like. It’s up to you. Okay enough of the yabbering. Here’s the ingredients to go along with the video above.


    1 cup dry penne pasta (cooked according to package)

    1 TBSP of olive oil

    I cup packed spinach leaves

    2-3 baby portabella mushrooms sliced

    2-3 slices of red onions cut in half

    1-2 oz of herb goat cheese ( depends on how rich you want the sauce)

    1/3 cup half & half

    zest of half of a lemon

    1/2 TBSP chopped parsley

    fresh parmesean cheese

    kosher salt

    black pepper

    P.S. If you can make this dish for one you can sure make it for two . So go invite the cute guy from down the hall over for dinner. Just a thought : )

    Now go forward and make new memories.

    P.S.S. If you re-create the dish please share a pic on our Facebook page @TheChefInPearls I’d love to see what you did ; )



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    10 Sep
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