Finally…Mexican I can truly Enjoy

Finally…Mexican I can truly Enjoy

The Chef In Pearls | Tuesday, June 30 th, 2015 | In ,

Yup I said it. I finally found a Mexican restaurant that I truly enjoy.  Now don’t get me wrong I eat Mexican food at other places but they never truly satisfy me the way I have longed for. Tacos and Tequila is the first Mexican restaurant I have gone to that makes me want to stop writing and head over there for dinner, right now.  I won’t do it even though I really want to (no really I want to).

I visited their Ponce de Leon Location and was greeted very warmly. As we were escorted to our table I was taking in the over all look of the restaurant which was inviting and very clean (they even received a score of 100 on their inspection score).  Our waiter Mateo took the time out to talk to us about the choices of margaritas we could have. We even learned about the restaurant’s specially created tequilla. I’ll have to try it the next time I go which I hope is soon. We ended up having the 20 oz. Skinny Girl Margarita (don’t judge me). We were offered the gratuitous chips and salsa that was actually good. The salsa was not chunky but instead a smooth blend of what tasted like roasted peppers. It wasn’t too hot but carried the right amount of heat for me. Mateo took our orders I had the Beef Brisket Chimi Rica and Jada (my partner in crime for the day) had Chicken Enchiladas.  I cannot describe Jada’s meal but my meal was the A Chimi Rica is a flour tortilla filled with meat, in my case beef brisket, deep fried and covered in queso. My dish was served with refried beans, seasoned rice and guacamole. I have never had Mexican food that was this well seasoned and flavorful. The service was fast and the food delicious. I would definitely visit them again. We left feeling completely satisfied and full. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who happens to be in the metro Atlanta area. Check out their website here

If you get a chance, check them out and go forward make memories.


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