For the Love of Fudo…..

The Chef In Pearls | Monday, February 11 th, 2019 | In

You’re a guy. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You finally mustered up the courage to ask the girl of your dreams out. You don’t want to do a place that’s too pretentious. Or a place where you could scare her off with too much . Well, I have the perfect place for you!

Name: Fudo

Food: Asian small plates

I recently had the opportunity to experience Fudo on a date. I can tell you first hand this is an excellent place for date night. From the moment you arrive, the hipster vibe envelopes you at the entrance. The view of the bar area’s back wall, lit in blue glowing light, draws you in just on curiosity if nothing else. Then you walk through the doors and are met by a modern take on an industrial setting. Wood and metal meet gracefully in the mix of the low lights. Everyone seems earnestly happy, from the host to the sushi chefs and even our waitress. How could you not feel comfortable? We were seated and that’s when all the action began …

My date wasn’t very big on the idea of raw fish, so our server was very helpful with making alternative suggestions. We started  with a couple of drinks, I had the “Dancing with Stars” and he the “Mandarin Oriental”, and we were told they are the most popular drinks on the menu. We all know you can’t have drinks without appetizers, so we ordered a couple of small plates. Pan Seared Dumplings (with it’s very own lacy covering) and Tori Karaage or Japanese Fried Chicken (served with a Spicy Asian Ketchup that I am sure would make shoe leather taste good). Note: Japanese Fried Chicken tastes like regular fried chicken except it is not heavily coated. Did I mention that it came with a kick ass spicy ketchup? Yea, I really liked that ketchup. With a suggestion from Rey, our server, we tried Rock Paper Shrimp. There was no way I was going to a restaurant that served sushi and not try something from their sushi menu. This shrimp dish has easily become one of my favorites. It has a crispy rice base, topped with a crab salad, which is then finished with a seared shrimp and micro greens. It satisfied us both: I got some sushi and he didn’t have to eat anything raw.  Win-win! For our main entree we each got a Donburi or Rice Bowl. I had the Katsu-don … crispy pork with balsamic teriyaki, butter corn, pickled vegetables. He had the Gyu-don … marinated short ribs, fried kimchi, arugula. We enjoyed our rice bowls while drinking a little warm sake, a suggestion made by my date.  Apparently it’s one of his favorite drinks, Who knew? Well now I know.

It turned out to be a really good date. We talked about food likes and dislikes. I ate with chopsticks, he with a folk. We were able to be comfortable and talk without trying to yell over too loud music. All the while the staff was very accommodating and helpful. The only thing they didn’t have that we wanted was dessert. However, I was told by a little birdie that they dessert would be available soon, just in time for Valentine’s Day! So if you are looking for a really great spot to enjoy for lunch or dinner or Valentine’s Day, then Fudo’s is it. If you don’t believe me then check out the pictures. Exactly! Now wipe the drool from your mouth. Check out their website here and call to see if they are doing reservations that night. Once you’ve had your date night at Fudo hit me up and tell what your favorite experience was.

Now go forward and make new memories. Until next time …

~The Chef In Pearls