Have you ever experienced The Chef In Pearls?

Her style of cooking is very eclectic but very welcoming. She combines her love of international cuisine with sprinkles of her Jamaican heritage creating comfort on a plate. She makes you feel at home without even trying.

Okay, okay, so I  wrote that first paragraph as if a food critic reviewed me. While it is me, there is so much more to me and my food. I mean how did I even find this love of food and feeding people? Truth be told my Mom and her love of cooking and entertaining is what has created what you guys know as The Chef In Pearls.

I began cooking at the tender age of 5. I still remember making those pancakes from that box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix. It was my beginning. 40 plus years later, I have managed to turn my love and passion into a business and blog.

The Chef In Pearls is more than a persona. I am a private lifestyle chef providing food experiences. These include in-home services, private meals and private & group cooking classes. The Chef In Pearls is a blog sharing restaurant reviews, recipes, videos, tips and trick, and all things life. Like I said I am more than just a chef wearing pearls. I am a mother to three wonderful adult children, who make me proud everyday. A daughter of a Dad whose body isn’t aging in a manner either of us likes. I am a daughter of a mother who inspires me, who fuels me to age as gracefully and vibrant as she has. I am a divorcee learning how to forgive and live life to its fullest.

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Cass and pearls