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So what do you do when you are a retired chef in love with fashion and food? You start a blog of course. The Chef In Pearls was not my first attempt at blogging but it is has become my final say in what I blog about. This blog encompasses 3 things I like….writing, food and fashion.


The Chef In Pearls is my voice about the things I love and enjoy most. So you will find things mostly about food and fashion but definitely things about family and friends. But I guess this about page should read a little bit more about me.

I started cooking at the tender age of 5 (for the longest I kept telling everyone 7 but my Dad corrected me on that bit of info a few years ago) when I made pancakes for visiting relatives. ( the story is a lot deeper than that so when we meet please feel free to ask about it) . I grew up in a household where my mother felt it was her duty to feed every person to ever cross the threshold into our house and I learned a lot of that from her. I eventually went off and graduated from a small culinary school in New York, started a 1 woman catering company, fell in love , moved to Atlanta Georgia, had a couple of kids and well …now I write a blog. I hope you like The Chef In Pearls enough  to subscribe and maybe leave a few comments once in a while. If you want to reach me hit me on my contact page. Now that you know a little something about me I want you to go forward and make a memory or two.

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