6 Things You need to know to do a Local Farmers Market

6 Things You need to know to do a Local Farmers Market

The Chef In Pearls | Monday, August 10 th, 2015 | In ,

So last week I did my very first live broadcast on a new social platform named Periscope.  I used the broadcast to introduce myself and The Chef In Pearls to those who tuned in.   I used the same platform again when I snagged an interview with Chef Tregaye from Food Network notoriety. The interview went well but I need some additional equipment to make interviews even better. So, so far I got the whole stationary thing down packed time to take it on the road. That’s what I thought I was doing today when I decided to visit The Grant Park Farmers Market. I wanted to give everyone a peek into some of the things I like. Well here’s that video…..


Not too bad for my first on the go broadcast.  So here’s the complete list of 6 things you need to know:


1. You  have got to have comfortable shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of walking and standing ( especially if your learning from the vendors)

2. Try to walk the entire market quickly first. This give you an idea of who is there and what you may be interested in before you start shopping.

3. Bring your own tote bag. It is key.  Most vendors do not provide shopping bags ( it’s also a way for you to do your part in saving mother earth)

4. An insulated bag or a cooler is great to keep things cool. Throw in a little ice or ice packs and your good to go.( Nothing worse than buying some butter and it’s all melted before you even get it home)

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The vendors/farmers/artisans want to share their knowledge with you. They want you to enjoy their produce/products in the best way possible so ask questions. From how to best use it or how it was grown/made.

6.Taste. Yup if they are offering samples try it. (I always check to see if there are too many bugs hanging around before trying) Generally speaking if they are offering samples then go for it. You’ll be surprised at the new things you’ll bring into your kitchen be a use you gave something new a try.

There was supposed to be more video but as always life happens and I had to cut my trip to the market short. I was still able to snag somethings before leaving  like the last peaches of the season from Pearson farms ( their peaches are unbelievably yummy), some zucchini blossoms (I haven’t decided how I’ll cook them yet) and Greek style yogurt made in Norcross, Ga  (vanilla because I like to add my own fruit and granola when eating).

If you’ve got a local farmers market in your neck of the woods by all means head to. Find something new to try out in the kitchen. It’s a great way to make new memories. Now go forward and make some.


P.S. Hey like I said I’m still learning so I hope you’ll follow me on my Periscope journey @TheChefInPearls.

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