Really Lane Bryant?

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OK so everyone should have a good idea that I love fashion and looking good. As a plus-sized woman a take great pride in how I look so being able to find fashionable clothing is very important to me. One store that I frequent (a lot) is Lane Bryant.  At one point I only shopped there for the bras (topic for another post…good fitting bras and why they’re important) . Lately I’ve actually been buying more clothes. They have been doing designer collaborations with pieces that have been very stylish (although I’ve been wanting more color). One designer they have partnered with was Isabella Toledo, she even did a fashion show with real plus models.

A more recent collection has been 6th & Lane, which they kept with the black and white theme. As I flipped through their look book for the collection I happened upon what I felt would be the ultimate addition to my closet. It was a leather moto jacket but not just any kind of moto jacket. It gave me new life. It seemed to be part Edward Scissorhand part Sons of Anarchy, it made me drool a bit. I proceeded to create ensemble after ensemble in my mind. I went from softening it with a flowy dress, to pairing it with a great pair of boyfriend jeans and some heels.July-6th-lane-leathercoat

Back view

Back view

Front unzipped and relaxed collar

Front unzipped and relaxed collar

In my mind I was in outfit heaven until……I saw the price. $499.99 Really Lane Bryant?  It wasn’t even in store for me to touch and feel, to say yes the leather had come from a cow “that had died of natural causes”. or if the detailings were handmade by fairies.  Don’t get me wrong for some folks $500.00 is nothing for a leather jacket but I am currently not one of those people. I will have to wait until this goes on deep discount before I will be able to get my hands on this.  And pray they still have my size in stock.  SMH!

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  1. A cow that died of natural causes slayed me, only for fairy detailing to give me life!!!! Lane Bryant. . . y’all gonna have to do better!

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