My Faux NY Strip

The Chef In Pearls | Sunday, August 30 th, 2015 | In

I made this dish over a month ago . When I put the pic on social media ( i.e. Instagram, my Facebook page, food groups I participate in) I got so many hits for it. Everyone wanted to know how to prepare it. Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke I prepared it again and posted a new pic. Same response. So in an effort to be a woman/chef of my word I created a video showing everyone how to re-create the simple yet yummy dish.

Things you’ll need to re-create dish:

Salmon Steaks

Old Bay Seasoning

Cast Iron Grill Pan

Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

Pastry Brush

Please if you re-create this salmon dish  share a picture on social media with me and leave me a comment on the post. Now go forward and make new memories.

The Chef In Pearls