Cocktails & Conversations with Angie Stone

Cocktails & Conversations with Angie Stone

The Chef In Pearls | Tuesday, January 27 th, 2015 | In ,

Conversations can be so strong especially when truth  is being spoken.  That’s what I felt took place during Cocktails & Conversations with Angie Stone, presented by Impact Magazine. She seemed to be sharing all of herself with all of us. I learned so much about her  that I had not known before. Things like she was a member of what history has down as the first female rap group, The Sequence. Or how she suffered from sarcoidosis and diabetes . The pain she felt when being photographed  from the neck up because she was a plus sized woman in an industry that didn’t hide it’s desire for smaller performers. Yet through it all she still pressed on.

In addition to Angie Stone, Tunisha Brown of Impact Magazine held conversations with Demetria McKinney.  She’s an actress and singer known for her works with Tyler Perry and one of the newer cast members of Real Housewives of Atlanta. She shared with us the love of her life, Roger Bobb. And how hard it was for her to keep that relationship quiet when all she wanted to do was scream it from the rafters.

Tunisha also chatted with Bee Wade, make-up artist and blogger. She managed to be named blogger of the year and appear in Essence Magazine more than a dozen times. All while raising two boys and taking care of her husband, who had been diagnosed with a disease that at one point left him paralyzed. But even dealing with all that she still managed to one of the best in her field.

What I learned from this evening of conversations wasthat even when life seems to be getting you down you got to push through if you really want it.