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So yesterday was a pretty cool day for me. I had been working on some projects and had planned on having lunch with my future daughter-in-law. Problem…my hair that I shampooed the night before was no where near being dry.  Do I remove the flexi rods I had in my hair(which is natural by the way) and tackle re-doing it later? Or do I figure out how to cover it all up while still being stylish? The problem with pulling the rods out is that it takes a lot of work to get them in (my hair is long & thick), so I opted for solution #2. I decided to cover it up by doing a turban that incorporated a bow in the tying process. I’d have to say I did a fine job and no one knew I had rods in my hair : )


Now today while scouring the internet for Spring trends what do I behold?


Can we say fashion forward?  Yes I am.  The best thing about yesterday’s look, besides the wonderful compliments, was that I saved my hairdo. I have a head full of fresh curly locs for errands today..  A win-win situation.

Lip Gloss by Lamik Cosmetics

Lip Gloss by Lamik Cosmetics

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