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About last night…

About last night…

It was supposed to be a party of four. Some how it ended up being a party of two but we still had fun. A night of live Brazilian Jazz music at Atlanta’s High Museum.  Chinese food for dinner along with very interesting conversations. It was a good night. We missed having out other friends there but we had fun nonetheless.

C.I.P.  Jumper: Lane Bryant

Necklace: Dillard’s

Earrings: Gems and Baubles

Go find out what’s happening at your local museum after hours and make some new memories.

~The Chef In Pearls

Change is a good thing…No really it is.

Change is a good thing…No really it is.

Okay there are new things coming to The Chef In Pearls’ website. Some of you may have noticed one change already. I have added a custom aStore (Amazon Store). Yep I thought it would be great to be able to provide you a way to find the equipment and ingredients for recipes and tips I share. Yea I even plan to include clothing and make up items pretty darn soon. All you have to do is click the Store tab and it will take you to my customized store. If you check out over in the upper right side of the blog you’ll also see an ad for eShakti, one of my new favorite places to get clothing. They carry sizes 0-36, so there is something for everyone. So click on the ad to see what they may have for you.

I have also made the decision to start making videos. Yes you’ll be able to see and hear me on my own YouTube Channel, at The Chef In Pearls of course. And for some instant gratification I have joined the Periscope family. Yep, I will now be able to live stream places, events, cooking me being me or whatever you guys might be interested in. Just download the app and follow… you guessed it, The Chef In Pearls. I hope to be able to do my first live stream this evening from Centennial Park, downtown Atlanta. For those of you who tune in you’ll see one other change I have made. I won’t tell what it is you’ll have to tune in.

If you are not following me on all my social media outlets, shame on you. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, and now Periscope @TheChefInPearls.(I am pretty consistent with my branding) Looking forward to the new memories we’ll make on these social platforms. Don’t forget change can be a good thing.

My Birthday

My Birthday

This past Monday July 6, I turned the ripe age of 43. I know most people start dreading birthday after they hit about 35 but not me. I embrace them. I look forward to every year I am blessed to be a part of this life of mine, good and bad. As I get older I get wiser, well at least I like to think so. This year was not my usual gathering of friends and associates. This year as a true Cancerian I crawled into my shell a bit, kept it low-key. My daughter wanted to make sure it was enjoyable so she made plans for me to visit the M.A.C. counter ( yes I love me some make-up)  and then we would have dinner at Makan ( a Chinese/ Korean fusion restaurant) I found out about this restaurant through Thrillist (shout outs to them). I had been determined to experience true Ramen soup when I happened upon their list of top Ramen places in Atlanta. I knew the real deal could be nothing like the instant stuff Momofuku created how many ions ago.

So where do I start I met the best make-up artist at the MAC counter, Tommy and Al. They helped me get my make-up shopping on. I learned a little ombre lip action while they were at it,too. We left there and then headed to Makan where we got a chance to take advantage of their “happy hour”. It was an excellent and cost-effective way to try things out. I tried 3 types of Ramen. Let me just warn you the Korean Spicy Ramen felt like satan had made himself comfortable in my chest. It really is spicy.I should have known just from the fact that the soup was red. I enjoyed the pork buns, the spicy wonton dumplings but my favorite for the night was the Kimchi Fried Rice. Too spicy but oh so flavorful.  We left there and headed to Jeni’s for ice cream. Yummy. They had a version of an ice cream I grew up liking but isn’t made anymore, Butter Almond. Nostalgia in a styrofoam cup. And what kind of Birthday celebration would it have been without cake. Yes and I got it from my favorite bakery, Apple Butter Bakery. Since I am a chocolate loving girl I had the cake version of their tall, dark, handsome cupcake. As always I was more than pleased. Well until next year.

I made plenty of new memories. Now it’s your turn go visit one of these places and let me know what you think. Go forward and make memories.

P.S. Oh yeah my Birthday outfit was another eShakti find. I got so many compliments on it.  eShakti sells customizable clothing in sizes 2-36 check them out. A gift to all for my birthday if you use the code: CASSANDRAMASON you’ll receive a special discount. Now go shop. BTW I’m still accepting gifts


OOTD- eShakti

OOTD- eShakti

My mother recently was ordained an Evangelist at her church. She invited me to come witness her dedication. I was definitely the proud daughter in attendance.  My OOTD sleeveless tank top: TJMaxx Skirt: eShakti Purse/Shoes: Cato (Sorry for the scrunched up face in some of the pictures. The sun was in my eyes.)

Now go forward and make memories.


St. Patrick’s Day

Yesterday was St. Patrick’ s Day a celebration that some many non-Irish have come to make a part of their lives.  I participate yearly from wearing something green to cooking corned beef and cabbage to occasionally going out for cocktails with friends.  This year I created a menu  that included a Honey Mustard & Brown Sugar Glazed Corned Beef with Colcannon. And for dessert Toasted Almond Scones and Chocolate Chip Scones with freshly made Lemon Curd. It turned out wonderfully and the family enjoyed it.

I am including links to recipes I used. So feel free to try them out and let me know what you think. The corn beef was created by boiling it in water with a bay leaf , thyme, allspice berries and the seasoning packet included with it, 50 – 60 minutes per pound. Then finishing the last hour in the oven. In 30 minutes pull out corned beef and top with honey mustard and brown sugar then return to oven for last 30 minutes. Remember to slice against the grain of the meat. Traditional Irish side Colcannon. The base for the scones can be found here. The lemon curd was made with the ingredients from this recipe but the technique from here.

For the day after I made Sweet Potato Corned Beef Hash for breakfast with the obligatory Fried Egg. That was good eats.

In addition to the wonderful food I was able to have a mini photo shoot with my in-house photographer. I think she did an awesome job. I featured a pair of jeans two different ways for this St. Patrick’s Day Celebration.

Tee-Shirt- Old Navy                                                                                                                      Blouse- JCPenney’s

Jeans-Lane Bryant                                                                                                                         Jeans-Lane Bryant

Sneakers-                                                                                                      Heels-Tried & True from my closet                                                                                                                                                                                          (basically I can’t remember where I purchased them from)

Which look would you have gone for? I hope you St. Paddy’s Day ( yea I learned that it’s not Patty but Paddy) was fun. Now go forward and make new memories.

A Quote….

Uniformity is the plague of sameness

John Coykendall , Farmer-The Mind of a Chef

Cocktails & Conversations with Angie Stone

Cocktails & Conversations with Angie Stone

Conversations can be so strong especially when truth  is being spoken.  That’s what I felt took place during Cocktails & Conversations with Angie Stone, presented by Impact Magazine. She seemed to be sharing all of herself with all of us. I learned so much about her  that I had not known before. Things like she was a member of what history has down as the first female rap group, The Sequence. Or how she suffered from sarcoidosis and diabetes . The pain she felt when being photographed  from the neck up because she was a plus sized woman in an industry that didn’t hide it’s desire for smaller performers. Yet through it all she still pressed on.

In addition to Angie Stone, Tunisha Brown of Impact Magazine held conversations with Demetria McKinney.  She’s an actress and singer known for her works with Tyler Perry and one of the newer cast members of Real Housewives of Atlanta. She shared with us the love of her life, Roger Bobb. And how hard it was for her to keep that relationship quiet when all she wanted to do was scream it from the rafters.

Tunisha also chatted with Bee Wade, make-up artist and blogger. She managed to be named blogger of the year and appear in Essence Magazine more than a dozen times. All while raising two boys and taking care of her husband, who had been diagnosed with a disease that at one point left him paralyzed. But even dealing with all that she still managed to one of the best in her field.

What I learned from this evening of conversations wasthat even when life seems to be getting you down you got to push through if you really want it.




Thanksgiving OOTD


Thanksgiving OOTD Shirt dress Lane Bryant Sweater Ashley Stewart Knee socks Target Shoes Lane Bryant

Thanksgiving OOTD
Shirt dress Lane Bryant
Sweater Ashley Stewart
Knee socks Target
Shoes Lane Bryant

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you know that the above pic was a #FashionObsession of mine from the Nordstrom’s Fall catalogue . I wanted so badly to have this look. My goal with this was to re-create it without having to spend any large funds. I think I nailed it.  I only spent $4 for the knee socks everything else was hanging in my closet.  What do you think?



It's what sets us we stand out...being different isn't a bad thing...being different makes us who we are

It’s what sets us apart…how we stand out…being different isn’t a bad thing…being different makes us who we are

Lane Bryant OOTD

 Olive Blazer- Lane Bryant Seven Boyfriend Jeans- Lane Bryant  Booties-Lane Bryant Necklace- Gems and Baubles Handbag-  Gifted

Olive Blazer- Lane Bryant
Seven Boyfriend Jeans- Lane Bryant
Booties-Lane Bryant
Necklace- Gems and Baubles
Handbag- Gifted

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