I’m A Newbie

The Chef In Pearls | Wednesday, October 22 nd, 2014 | In ,
pic cred Inbound Authority

pic cred Inbound Authority

My blog is less than a year old which makes me a newbie at blogging.  Half the time I’m not even sure if I am doing it right,  I learn something new everyday. I don’t have a problem with saying I don’t know something.  I think that makes it easier to learn and for people to share.  As long as you act like you know people assume that you know and won’t share.

Because I’m new to this blogger game I knew I was going to need help. I needed someone who had the experience, the willingness to teach and a great personality. I turned to Ms. Stacey Taylor, the SistahChick. She felt honored that I would ask her to guide me along this bumpy path of blogging.  I felt even more honored that she accepted the role.  We connected on so many levels,  We are both mothers, entrepreneurs, natuaralistas and fabulous in our 40’s.  What more can a newbie want? I know there is a lot of hard work to come but I’m looking forward to it.

P.S. She doesn’t know this but I am officially making her my fairy godmother…hehehe

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