Diner en Blanc Atlanta . . . Another one in the Books

Diner en Blanc Atlanta . . . Another one in the Books

The Chef In Pearls | Saturday, October 27 th, 2018 | In ,

30 years since created + 5 years of Atlanta participating + 3,500 people all dressed in white + 1 location = Diner en Blanc Atlanta. This was the year Diner en Blanc turned the big three O and if that wasn’t enough Atlanta celebrated 5 years of being on board. I had goals set for this year’s Diner en Blanc. I wanted to cover 3 different Diner en Blanc and each location I chose held a special place in my heart. Jamaica, New York and Atlanta. My heritage, my past and my present. It would have been an homage to myself of sorts.  Like all good plans sometimes they just don’t work out they way you want. I reached out to the planning committee for Jamaica and have yet to hear from them. I guess I was not persistent enough. I started to be a little smarter with my approach. I reached out to a friend who worked with the planning committee in New York. She helped to connect me with the right people. I was in for New York! Plane ticket purchased, dress ordered, restaurant connection made, itinerary created. The only thing left for me to do was to pack. Then life hit me with a big blow. My Dad’s wife, my bonus Mom, passed away.  I talked a big game to myself and others. I was still going to New York. I was still going to cover at least 2 of the three locations for Diner en Blanc. Yeah I was a tad delusional. Death can do that to you. I had to cancel my trip to New York, I missed my Mom more than I realized.  As if wanting to add insult to injury, it seemed as if there would be no Diner en Blanc Atlanta. My 30 year Diner en Blanc blog post was dying right before my very eyes.  Ugghhh!

Just when I thought I would have to try again next year. I sent one more email to Diner en Blanc Atlanta. I didn’t get an email reply. Instead I received a phone call from Carla Griffin letting me know my name had been added to the media list. Whew. I guess one-third of an original idea is better than none. While I may not have been able to do Jamaica or New York, I enjoyed covering Diner en Blanc Atlanta. Which says so much as Atlanta is the location of my present life. What better way to pay homage to myself than with living in the present. Thank you to the planning committee of Diner en Blanc Atlanta. It was great meeting new people and having the Diner en Blanc experience! Since a picture speaks a thousand words, I am gonna let the below clip say all that I can’t.

Some of you may remember that I atended Diner en Blanc last year, if not then check out last year’s memories here.  If you wold like to create some Diner en Blanc memories of your own,  visit Atlanta.dinerenblanc.com to see how you can be down for next year. Hey maybe we will run into each other and make some memories together! Now go forward and make some memories.

Until next time. . .

~The Chef In Pearls