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Always dressed…..

I don’t know if it’s because I was raised by a Jamaican mother or if it was the era I was raised in but I always feel like you should never leave your home not properly dressed. As a kid I remember seeing my mother getting dressed to leave the house, face made up and clothing well-chosen.  She never left the house less than and she never allowed her children too either. Now as an adult it is engrained in me. Where nowadays people travel in jeans, tees and flip-flops I still (even with having to basically undress for the TSA) show up dressed to impress. I agree with Miss Chanel… never know who you might meet that may change your life even at the local Kroger…. so get up, dress up and show up.

Really Lane Bryant?

OK so everyone should have a good idea that I love fashion and looking good. As a plus-sized woman a take great pride in how I look so being able to find fashionable clothing is very important to me. One store that I frequent (a lot) is Lane Bryant.  At one point I only shopped there for the bras (topic for another post…good fitting bras and why they’re important) . Lately I’ve actually been buying more clothes. They have been doing designer collaborations with pieces that have been very stylish (although I’ve been wanting more color). One designer they have partnered with was Isabella Toledo, she even did a fashion show with real plus models.

A more recent collection has been 6th & Lane, which they kept with the black and white theme. As I flipped through their look book for the collection I happened upon what I felt would be the ultimate addition to my closet. It was a leather moto jacket but not just any kind of moto jacket. It gave me new life. It seemed to be part Edward Scissorhand part Sons of Anarchy, it made me drool a bit. I proceeded to create ensemble after ensemble in my mind. I went from softening it with a flowy dress, to pairing it with a great pair of boyfriend jeans and some heels.July-6th-lane-leathercoat

Back view

Back view

Front unzipped and relaxed collar

Front unzipped and relaxed collar

In my mind I was in outfit heaven until……I saw the price. $499.99 Really Lane Bryant?  It wasn’t even in store for me to touch and feel, to say yes the leather had come from a cow “that had died of natural causes”. or if the detailings were handmade by fairies.  Don’t get me wrong for some folks $500.00 is nothing for a leather jacket but I am currently not one of those people. I will have to wait until this goes on deep discount before I will be able to get my hands on this.  And pray they still have my size in stock.  SMH!

Brunch OOTD

Green Jessica Simpson Dress- Dillard's Cork sling back Wedges- Goodee2shoes Earrings & Bracelets- Gems and Baubles

Green Jessica Simpson Dress- Dillard’s
Cork sling back Wedges- Goodee2shoes
Earrings & Bracelets- Gems and Baubles



Mother of the Groom


Gown: Ralph Lauren Nordstrom’s Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet & Clutch: Gems and Baubles Hair: Chic Strands Make-Up: Shalawn Architect Beauty Wilis

And so I’m back….

So I’ve been gone for a minute….more like an hour…okay, okay….It’s been a few months but no worries I’m back. I never stopped cooking or experimenting with new recipes or styling new clothes….I’ve just been living life and well…not really documenting it. Since last I’ve written I managed to quit my job, start planning for my son’s rehearsal Dinner and Wedding (which both of his siblings are in…$$), re-launched my business Gems and Baubles (check out the website celebrated yet another year on this earth. I turned 42 this month and I think I look damned good for it(just my opinion)

cass pool

Poolside at The W Hotel Midtown wearing Bathing Suit Lane Bryants Cover-up Gems and Baubles Straw Hat Gems and Baubles

I plan  to do a whole lot better with my postings but always gonna keep on living life to it’s fullest.







So yesterday was a pretty cool day for me. I had been working on some projects and had planned on having lunch with my future daughter-in-law. Problem…my hair that I shampooed the night before was no where near being dry.  Do I remove the flexi rods I had in my hair(which is natural by the way) and tackle re-doing it later? Or do I figure out how to cover it all up while still being stylish? The problem with pulling the rods out is that it takes a lot of work to get them in (my hair is long & thick), so I opted for solution #2. I decided to cover it up by doing a turban that incorporated a bow in the tying process. I’d have to say I did a fine job and no one knew I had rods in my hair : )


Now today while scouring the internet for Spring trends what do I behold?


Can we say fashion forward?  Yes I am.  The best thing about yesterday’s look, besides the wonderful compliments, was that I saved my hairdo. I have a head full of fresh curly locs for errands today..  A win-win situation.

Lip Gloss by Lamik Cosmetics

Lip Gloss by Lamik Cosmetics

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