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Earlier this month I was so excited to bring you guys my astore. It was an opportunity for me to provide a place for my readers to purchase things I may use in my videos and blog posts as well a chance to monetize my blog.  In all my excitement obviously missed a little bit of print that Amazon shared with me. I am unable to make a commission on things sold to people they deem as family, friends or associate.   That means that if you are someone their computer algorithms deems as doing too much non-Amazon things with me you are now aka family, friend or an associate. Basically I can have everyone I know shop with them through my site and never receive a dime for bringing them business. The only persons that would be benefitting from me having an astore would be Amazon. I haven’t given up hope yet. Still looking for another affiliate program to share with you guys. I hope I find it soon. Thanks for understanding and being patient.

P.S. I was only making a 4% commission on things sold through them. You would have thought it was thousands of dollars they were parting with for each sale…jeesh

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Cassandra Sinclair is a Lifestyle Chef and Gourmet Cooking Instructor who enjoys demystifying the art of cooking for One. You can catch her live demonstrations across major social media as @TheChefInPearls.

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