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I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now…..Hell I’ve been told I should start one by way too many people, if I should be totally honest about it.  So here it is…..The Chef In Pearls. I think that title embodies so much of who I am today. I take great pleasure in creating food and sharing it with people, especially the ones I love.  And well as for the pearls ( one of my favorite accessories I own) I love …love ….love… fashion. I think my Mom created that little demon inside me way back when.   I grew up wanting to own the clothing and accessories my mother had. Fighting my younger sister over which pieces we’d play dress-up with next. We knew what it was to have custom made clothing as well as shop in large department stores.  We lived life as fashionistas without ever really knowing it. It was just apart of growing up.  I owe my love of cooking to my Mom, too. She was the epitome of a host.  Always coking and panning the next get together.  I don’t know how she did half the things she pulled off but she did it.  And she’s still doing it at age 70.  I am thankful for these experiences because they helped to shape….The Chef in Pearls.

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Cassandra Sinclair is a Lifestyle Chef and Gourmet Cooking Instructor who enjoys demystifying the art of cooking for One. You can catch her live demonstrations across major social media as @TheChefInPearls.

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  1. Love it!!!!! Growing up with you I knew this would be your passion.

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