Lost File . . . Weapons of Mass Success

Lost File . . . Weapons of Mass Success

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I guess it’s a little late for Happy New Year wishes. However, I have never been one to really follow anyone’s rules so . . . Happy New Year from the Chef In Pearls!!! I hope 2017 brings you everything your heart desires and more. It took me this long to write something because I was in a pensive mode, working on what will be the next move for myself and this blog. The truth, which hit me like a ton of bricks, was the I have all the necessary tools to be successful. I have a God given talent and it is up to me to make sure I share it with the world. With that being said, I present to you my weapons of Mass Success!!!




I believe these few objects are what I will use to become successful.  There are other tools as well, but none as strong as those pictured. Sometimes I will have to use them collaboratively and others I will use them separately to make my point.


No chef is worth their salt without a good chef’s knife. I personally prefer a 10 ” blade. As a chef returning to the kitchen I need this to make the magic happen. Yes, I did kind of slip in my plans to return to the kitchen. I will be returning as a private chef. You will be able to hire me to cook in your home or any private kitchen. And know that I will have have this baby in tow. More to come on me returning to the kitchen, later.




Aprons are a big thing for me. I mean any fashionista who cooks values keeping her clothing as fresh as can be. I have the traditional chef’s coat but because I love to show off my clothing choices, I prefer a good apron. It covers and protects my clothing while still keeping me fashionable. You will find me in a chef’s coat from time to time but the apron is my go to piece. It is one of my success tools whether I am teaching a class or whipping up meals for clients in the kitchen.




The camera has become an integral part of my arsenal. I am no expert with a DSLR, like the pictured above, but I am very proficent with the camera on my Samsung Galaxy 7. ( No, not the Note 7s that were exploding.)  I use my camera to try and convey the deliciousness I create in the kitchen or the great outfits I pull out of my closet. The camera helps to keep my social media channels up-to-date on everything going on with The Chef In Pearls, from cooking to events to video creation.  It’s how I stay relevant with current followers as well as make new follower.


Weapons of Mass Success


I know it’s time for an upgrade but . . . Life. This baby has been my ride or die for the last few years. She has helped me with getting blog posts out, creating menus, writing recipes and so much more. She allows me to communicate to the world the things that run through this beautifully insane and creative mind of mine.

And let’s not forget the key component to what we know to be The Chef In Pearls. Me., Cassandra Mason. Anyone can use the above mentioned tools but only I can bring to life the things I do, they way I do. There is only one me. And I am proud to be able to bring to life The Chef In Pearls brand. There is so much in store for me and you as my audience.

What would be your “Weapons of Mass Success” tm? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time go forward and make memories.

~The Chef In Pearls

P.S. It is near the end of the year and I never got around to posting this. As I read it I realized that I wrote these words knowing that putting on “paper” makes a thing real. I may not have shared with everyone until now but I knew it existed. You know what? These very things have been bringing me success. I don’t measure or can’t measure success based on others metrics. My idea of success include an increase of brand awareness, increased client list (more cooking), increased partnerships and most important increased faith in my abilities. As my daughter likes to keep reminding me, I am living what looks to be my best life. I worked hard for it and I know what I have done for 2017 will only get better in 2018. The grind will be real for 2018. Are you ready to take that ride with me?

I know for some my review of 2017 is kind of early but it needs to be. I have to plan for the new year and I cannot do that without evaluating where I am coming from. The experiences have been amazing and the memories seem endless. I have learned from all of them good and bad. I hope this post causes you to take a look at the beginning of this year and where you are now. Have you accomplished the goals you set up for yourself? Do you need to re-evaluate? Do you need to focus more? Go through those memories and see what you’ve learned. It’s never too late to start working towards those goals.

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