Flavors of GA…White Oaks Pastures

Flavors of GA…White Oaks Pastures

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I was introduced to White Oaks Pastures a few years ago. A friend asked me to make some finger foods with products from local gardens for a showing of “Food For Thought”. It was after the film, during a panel discussion, that I heard all about White Oaks Pastures. I learned about their sustainable farming practices and became intrigued. You see prior to the film and discussion I was pretty oblivious on farming practices. I knew there were good farm practices and bad farm practices, I just didn’t understand or know what they really were.

Fast forward to today and I can say I have become wiser and smarter. I had the pleasure of being invited to the award ceremony of Flavor of Georgia. Flavor of Georgia is a food product competition put on by the University of Georgia. It “showcases market-ready prototypes or commercially ready food products”. The contest was for producers that used products and flavors that best represented Georgia. There were several categories from beverages, sauces, snacks, meats, seafood and so much more. Who should I see as a finalist in the meat and seafood category? The fine people of White Oaks Pastures. Can I say stoked? I would get an opportunity to taste why they have won so many awards. To see first hand why they were finalist in this competition.

White Oaks Pasture entered their Grassfed Beecon Grind. Grassfed Beecon Grind? Some brilliant mind at the pasture decided to combine their grassfed beef with their naturally smoked Iberico bacon. Yes you read that right. Did they create the ultimate burger blend? If you are anything like me, you get excited when you to see a lit grill with beautiful burgers being cooked. I watched as Ban Stewart cooked up the samples.  And sitting on the side table a toasted bun with a smear of mayo, topped with lettuce and tomato slice waiting patiently for the burgers to be done. I saw how my summer grilling would look. Then I got the chance to taste the Beecon Grind. No salt, no pepper added but yet it was pure deliciousness. A burger couldn’t get any better than that. I knew they would surely win in their category.

It was time for the ceremony to begin. You know this contest was a big deal because, Governor Nathan Deal came out to speak with the finalists and attendees. He spoke proudly of the representation these products bring to Georgia. After his speech it was time for the announcement of the winners in each category. I was on pins and needles when the announcement was to be made for the meat and seafood category. The winner is… Pine Street Market with their Applewood Smoked Bacon. Okay maybe I am a little biased but I felt like White Oaks Pastures should have won. They created burger heaven. All you needed to do, besides cook it, was add a slice of your favorite cheese. And BOOM….Perfect Burger! If you don’t believe me you can order some straight to your doorsteps right here .Then let me know what your thoughts are.

I did eat other things besides White Oaks Beecon Grind. I got to taste quite a few samples from the other finalists including Georgia Fried Peanuts Company Fried Peanuts, Pine Street Market Applewood Smoked Bacon, Pouch Pies The Georgia Pie, Emily G’s Datil Peach Marmalade, Two Fat Chile Cats Jamaica Me Sweat Soppin’ Sauce and so many more. I want to thank the University of Georgia and Atlanta Food and Lifestyle Bloggers Society for inviting me to attend. I had a wonderful time and look forward to next year’s event.

If you know of someone with a great product that represents Georgia send them over to the Flavor of Georgia site to see if they have what it takes to enter the competition. It could be a great way to make new memories. So go forward and make some new memories.

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~The Chef In Pearls