Chance Meeting…Maynard Eaton

Chance Meeting…Maynard Eaton

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I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, good or bad. One must acquire the skill of taking the experience and learning from it. I was meeting the other half of the Dynamic Duo, Rochelle Wharton for lunch at BQE Restaurant and Lounge. We were having a working lunch about our blogs and where we wanted to take them . We arrived at a pretty weird time. They were shutting down their lunch/brunch menu and preparing for their dinner crowd. So depending on what we wanted, it may not have been available. Wait I am focusing on the wrong thing here. This was not about whether or not we were going to be able to eat but rather about us being in the right place at the right time. You see that Thursday was our chance meeting with Mr. Maynard Eaton.

On arrival, we decided to sit at the bar, one seat over from a rather handsome older gentleman. This gentleman turned out to be Maynard Eaton. We introduced ourselves as bloggers and chefs which seemed to peek Mr. Eaton’s interest. Before long we learned that he had his own publication here in Atlanta, taught journalism at Clark Atlanta University, and also ran a live streaming news program entitled NewMakers Live. It was his outlet to Atlanta and beyond used to share what he felt was news worthy. He invited us to the next show happening that coming Monday.

Now I could have focused on how things weren’t going well at that moment. Referencing the aforementioned food selection dilemma we seemed to be facing. But if I did I would miss out on what turned out to be the reason we were there. It was our chance to meet Mr. Eaton! Let’s fast forward to Monday night at NewsMakers Live. This show is normally done live but it was being taped that night. Mr. Eaton arranged to interview a few candidates running in the next city election. I was told that just prior to me arriving, Mr. Eaton referred to Peter Aman, a mayoral candidate, as being the next black mayor of Atlanta. The joke here is that Mr. Aman is very Caucasian. See what I mean about things happening for a reason. Had the show been live instead of taped he would not have been able to cut the film and re-take as if nothing ever happened. I heard it caused a big laugh from everyone including Mr. Aman. In all I had a wonderful time. I got to meet Mr. Peter Aman, Mayoral Candidate, along with Matt Westmoreland, City Council Candidate. I also got to learn a thing or two about doing interviews while watching Mr. Eaton, something I want more knowledge on for upcoming endeavors. Like I said everything happens for a reason.


What are your thoughts on chance meetings? Do you think like I do or do you have your own theory? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

I think all my memories are news worthy. So no doubt I believe the memories I made that night were too. Now I want you to go forward and make new memories.

Until next time.

~The Chef In Pearls

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