A Quickie….Teavana

The Chef In Pearls | Wednesday, November 12 th, 2014 | In ,

Teavana 11-9 019-1I grew up in a Jamaican household which means tea was a part of my everyday life. You were not allowed to leave the house without something warm in your tummy. Every ailment was met with a cup of tea…stomach ache… ginger tea…start of a cold… garlic tea. Let’s just say I grew to have a love for tea.


Enter Teavana. ..I had the pleasure of joining The Brains & Beauty Academy meet-up for a tea tasting.  We got a chance to taste many blends including Oprah’s chai tea. I enjoyed the subtleness of it in comparison to their Maharaja Oolong Chai blend, which had a strong spiciness to it. But the tea of the day was their Iced Raspberry Limeade. ..addictive. When you get a chance head over to Teavana at Phipps Plaza for a great cup of tea. This is definitely Chef In Pearls approved.

PhotoGrid_1415753771311Photographs courtesy of Nia Mason Design