A Quickie…Hoyles Kitchen and Bar

A Quickie…Hoyles Kitchen and Bar

The Chef In Pearls | Tuesday, March 20 th, 2018 | In ,

It’s the weekend and you know what that means? Brunch time! Yep, that’s right. There are tons of places Inside The Perimeter of Atlanta (ITP), but to find something worth traveling Outside The Perimeter of Atlanta (OTP) for is always a gem. Hoyles Kitchen and Bar is such a place. Hoyles is a restaurant steeped in not only family history but also Atlanta history. It is named for George Hoyle Ivey, Jr., the founder of a farm to retail chain known as “Milk Jugs” and also the great-grandfather of the current owners.

So what is Hoyle’s Kitchen and Bar? Well it’s a restaurant/sports bar that’s family friendly (they have a shelf full of children’s games), a section just for the grown-ups to play pool, watch a game (too many televisions to count) and a second bar. But we are here to talk about the brunch menu. Brunch at Hoyles is definitely worth the drive OTP. We started brunch off the way every brunch should be started, with mimosas. $2 mimosas at that! No way you can go wrong with that, especially since they weren’t orange juice with a splash of sparkling wine. At this point brunch was already a winner. Then the goodies started to arrive to our table. There were hot cinnamon rolls and giant biscuits the size of your plate. And when was the last time you had in-house made granola?  They make granola for an amazing yogurt parfait. A must have when you visit. They had lattice weaved bacon strips. It looked so cool laying up next to the waffles, which is another dish I highly recommend.

I must interject here by saying that everything thing on the Hoyles menu is huge. I think it has something to do with the fact that the executive chef, Zach Starr, went to culinary school in Texas. I say all that because the pancakes that come 3 to a stack can feed 2 adults with leftovers. The veggie omelette was made with fresh vegetables and perfectly cooked. You knew the chef took pride in his work just from the taste of the food. This was confirmed when he sat and chatted with us after our meal. Nothing like being able to talk and understand why and how things make it to the menu. Chef Zach Starr is my kind of chef, having the desire to produce good food using good food. He doesn’t take things lightly. I mean he told us how many different corned beefs he sampled before finding the right one for his loaded corned beef hash. Did I forget to mention that? A mix of red eye gravy with potatoes, diced corned beef, onions, bell peppers all smothered in sausage gravy. Yeah just like that. I must say the corned beef is my favorite of the dish. I believe he made a great choice on the company that makes his corned beef. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Looking for a new brunch place? Hit up Hoyles Kitchen & Bar and let them know I sent you. It will be a great place to make some new memories whether for brunch, lunch or dinner. Maybe go watch an NCAA game or an Atlanta United match on one of their many televisions. It’s bound to be worth the trip. Now get off this blog and go forward to make new memories.

Until next time…

~The Chef In pearls