A Day Off??

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So what does a retired chef, fashionista who has returned to the work force in retail do on her day off?  Well I know most would say sleep….Hell I planned for SLEEP but that was not in my future for my day off.  Apparently when it’s your day off you have to get everything you weren’t able to get done, done. ( had it really been that long since I’ve punched someone’s time clock?)  All the things you are too tired to do after work needs to be accomplished. Like laundry, unless you don’t mind wearing dirty clothes (please don’t stand beside me if you do). I did over 3 loads not including sheets and towels. All for the sake of looking, smelling and feeling good.


At this point I am truly feeling sleepy but there was so much more for me to do. Time to prep dinner so that when I finally get that sleep in it’s one less thing I have to worry about. Steak & peppers it is or was .  Sliced bell peppers, onions and seasoned my beef and stored them in the fridge until later.

Not quite what i did but you get the picture

Not quite what i did but you get the picture

Well since my mind was on food I decided to research my next food attempts.  Do you know how easily you lose track of time while surfing the internet.  Only to have it interrupted  by the plea of a child that needs to be picked up from her La-cross game ( hey wasn’t Dad supposed to do that?) off I went to wait on her bus. Thank God the bus beat me there so it wasn’t a long wait.

Ok it's only one kid but that's how i was feeling at the time

Ok it’s only one kid but that’s how i was feeling at the time

On my way in I remembered that I was supposed to pick up something at he supermarket. Conveniently….I forgot the list.  So I had to go off memory (not a good thing for those that know me).  After getting everything I could remember I head to check out only to realize I didn’t have my wallet.  Did I just waste time on my precious day off? Thank God that not only was my wallet in the car but they hadn’t put my groceries back. Winning (it’s the little things).

how I must've looked to the cashier

how I must’ve looked to the cashier

After unloading and putting away groceries I realized that I hadn’t cooked dinner.  The whole getting some sleep was no where on the radar for me.  Good thing I had already prepped.  Whipped up some steamed rice with steak and peppers.  And no there are no pics of it either.  Have you not realized the trend in this post? None of the pictures are ones that I have taken.  It was supposed to be my day off.  Let’s just say I finally made it to bed that night after 12am.

Ahh Sleep

Ahh Sleep

Thank God I had another day off…. back to back…wait I forgot I booked a jewelry show.  There goes that day off…..too

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    I hate to say but a women’s work is never done stay on your grind

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