A private lifestyle chef providing food experiences.

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The Chef in Pearls Portrait

Her style of cooking is very eclectic but very welcoming. She combines her love of international cuisine with sprinkles of her Jamaican heritage creating comfort on a plate. She makes you feel at home
without even trying.

The Chef In Pearls is more than a persona. I am a private lifestyle chef providing food experiences. These include in-home services, private meals and private & group cooking classes. The Chef In Pearls is a blog sharing restaurant reviews, recipes, videos, tips and trick, and all things life.


In-Home Service
Need help during dinnertime? Mouths to feed but not enough time or energy? Then this service is for you. 4 meals prepped and cooked in your home, starting at $150 plus the cost of groceries, for a family of 2.  We offer customized menus weekly and grocery lists to match. We cook so you won’t have to, making more time for family.

Private Dinners
Want to a romantic dinner for 2? Or maybe you want that ideal dinner party in the comforts of home? That’s not a problem. Dinners for 2 start at $250 plus the cost of groceries. Services include menu planning and set-up.

Cooking Lessons
Private in-home classes for you or the family. Learn knife skills, cooking techniques and /or new ethnic cuisines. The choices are endless what you can learn to make you the star in your kitchen. Classes start at $55 per person plus the cost of groceries.

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