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How Do You Blaze?…Blaze Pizza In GA

How Do You Blaze?…Blaze Pizza In GA

My two best friends of nearly 30 years have both Blazed. They have taken great pleasure in rubbing in the fact that they Blaze and Blaze often. How is it that in my big city living I have yet to Blaze?  Easy, there was no Blaze Pizza to be found in Atlanta. That was until a few weeks ago. Yep that’s right, we finally got a Blaze pizza, located in the Downtown Decatur/Emory Village Area. So as any true food blogger would do, I went to get my Blaze on.

When the invitation was posted to my bloggers’ group Facebook page, I wasted no time in RSVP’ing. As always, when I am allowed, it would be myself plus one. My foodie partner for the evening would be Paris, my friend/little sister. She’s always game to try a new eating place with me. So I was ready, an invite and a date, so to speak. Now to see what the fuss was all about. I mean truth be told if I were to tell you how I Blaze I’d have to say with fire but I am a bit of a smartass.

When we get there, I already know that if this pizza is anything like my besties say I won’t Blaze on the weekends. It was built in a plaza that already has a very popular supermarket and few other eateries. Parking will become an issue. I have left frustrated from many a location or not even bother to go if I know parking will be a problem. Thank God that was not an issue for us the evening we traveled to Blaze Pizza.

We are greeted with a lovely building with a great outdoor patio. I go inside and am met by Rachelle, their PR person. She was sweet and very happy to talk all about Blaze and what makes their pizza place different from all other pizza places. After going through the line and creating my very own Blaze experience, these are the things I’d like to share with you.

Let’s start with 1. You can start by ordering one of their specialty pizzas or customize one of your own with any amount of toppings and the price stays the same. You read correctly. If you wanted every topping they have in store there will be no upcharge. Just get it. 2. Once you have created your pizza it takes all of 180 seconds or 3 minutes for your pizza to be baked. Could you want it any faster? 3. If you are watching your carbs, (who goes to a pizza place if that’s what they’re doing but I digress), they have salad options. I don’t mean your typical tossed salads but instead salads like Kale & Quinoa or Arugula & Fresh Fruit plus two others on the menu. 4. They even offer daiya cheese for your vegan options. So far they are racking up points with me and my vegan friends. 5. Then let’s not forget to round out your order with your choice of bottle drinks, their custom lemonades and aqua frescas or other fountain drinks. They also have dessert: s’mores pie, sea salt cookies and olive oil brownies. Could you really want anything more from a pizza place?

So if you want to know how I Blaze check out my video right here and check out the pictures down below.

How would you Blaze? Or have you already Blazed? Let me know all about in the comments. Now go forward and make some new Blazing memories .

Until next time…

~The Chef In Pearls

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Tiff’s Treats…Fresh, Hot and Delivered

Tiff’s Treats…Fresh, Hot and Delivered

When the Atlanta Food & Lifestyle Bloggers Society offers you the chance to try the latest in edible gifting, of course you sign up for it. Well at least I did. As a group, we were offered the chance to try Tiff’s Treats, a cookie delivery service. What makes Tiff’s Treats special is that you receive the cookies still warm. Yeah, you read that right. Warm, fresh out the oven and delivered to your doorstep, office desk or hospital room; just about anywhere that falls inside their delivery area. And for a small fee they can accommodate some areas slightly outside of it. All you have to do is check the website for locations and deliveries.

I had my cookies delivered to a friend’s place in Midtown so that I could share the experience with someone. My delivery person was really friendly and very courteous. She even let me snap a picture of her before leaving. Tiff’s Treats is my kind of company. They are big on presentation. I received my cookies in a lovely gift bag with the company name on it. Once I got the bag open, I was met with a white box tied with a blue ribbon that held a note addressed to me. How cute!

I didn’t open the cookies right away. I wanted to wait for my friend, Lauren, to arrive from work.  I planned for us to enjoy some fresh baked cookies and hot tea. We’d have some quality girlfriend time and catch up on each other’s week. I thought that could be a new area Tiff’s Treats could market to.  You know, tea time with friends. When we finally opened the box, to our amazement it was still warm. That’s because the box had an aluminum lining to help keep the heat in. Smart packaging!! To our surprise we had received an assortment of cookies –  Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal and M&M. Lauren had a hard time deciding which one she’d try first. Not me as I knew it would be Chocolate Chip the moment I saw it smiling back at me from inside the box. We sat trying different cookies and chatting our time away. You can catch the live video of the unboxing of the cookies here.

I think the concept behind Tiff’s Treats is great. Fresh baked and warmed delivered cookies. Genius!! The detailing that goes into a delivery helps to make this an all around good idea when thinking of alternative gift ideas. Especially when gifting something for the foodie in your life.  The cookies weren’t super spectacular when I think of other cookies I have had in the past but they were not garbage either. Even with that in mind I would still recommend Tiff’s Treats as a go to place for gifting ideas, especially when you are in need of warm cookies delivered to your door .

I do have great memories from this delivery. I may place an order just to make some more. If you place an order please share your experience with me in the comments. I’d love to hear all about it. So go forward and make new memories.

Until next time….

~The Chef In Pearls

P.S. All opinions in this blog are my own. I have received compensation for sharing my views.

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