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Practice What You Preach…It’s About Time.

Practice What You Preach…It’s About Time.

How can I tell people they need to stop “trying” and do and I wasn’t doing the same. I was letting my need to get it just right stand in the way of all that I know I needed to accomplish. I created not one but two different series that I needed to bring to life in front of the camera. They would help me connect even further with followers. Introduce them to new people and places. I had people willing to work with me. I asked everyone and anyone that I thought was interesting if they’d be interested in being a part. And they all said “Yes”. I never received a “No”. So what was my hold up. I could list all the excuses I gave myself but the reality was I was letting fear of not being perfect, not having the “right” equipment, not being able to edit like others hold me back.  It was time for me to practice what I preach.

Well today I give you the first interview in my series “Conversations with The Chef In Pearls”. I will say that this interview didn’t go quite as  planned.  Footage got cut off, I lost my editing twice, spent time uploading the wrong version once edited. The bottom line is I did it. With every hiccup I was improving my abilities. I tell people constantly, “We are a people that do, not try, whether we fail or succeed. We do!”  So today I do! I present to you “Conversations with The Chef In Pearls featuring Dr. Leni Sorensen.”



After watching this interview  I want you to go and do that thing that you have been wanting to do. Like Nike …Just Do It. You will be amazed at the memories you will create from just doing. So glad to say that I do now. I am no longer a hypocrite because I practice what I preach. Now go forward and make some memories of you doing.

Until next time…

~The Chef In Pearls

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The Chef In Pearls

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